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We have developed as a resource for all the families out there who are experiencing the frustration that parents of ADHD children experience on a daily basis. We know how difficult parenting can be. We know firsthand how adding ADHD to the mix creates issues that can be very difficult to overcome.

You will find that the pages on this website have been written by a variety of authors. Some articles are written by parenting or medical experts that specialize in children who struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Other pages are written by parents who have discovered what works for their families.

The editor of is the father of four children, and has dealt with ADHD in his family for over 10 years now. Many of the pages on this site are the result of what he and his wife have learned as they struggled to find solutions to the chaos, arguing and hyperactivity that were sometimes a daily occurrence.

One critically important thing that the editor learned during the process of raising four children is that much of what seems to be ADHD (and may actually be diagnosed as ADHD) is often times due to other medical issues or disorders. This is one issue that you will see come up often as you browse the page here.

Another issue we feel strongly about is that, while medication does help many children, it should not be thought of as a cure all. Instead we help parents learn to work on improving the child’s diet as well as using other natural treatments first, leaving medication as a last resort.

The ultimate goal in raising ADHD children is to launch them into successful adulthood. We at ADHDchildparenting seek to provide information and ideas that will help you reach this goal. You will find that you can be confident and effective parents of ADHD children, raising children who are secure, successful and able to develop healthy relationships.

It is our hope that you will leave this site feeling empowered to be the parents that your ADHD children need as they struggle with everything society and their disorder will send their way.

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