ADHD Child Book

Finding a truly helpful ADHD child book can help you break through the confusion and frustration of attention deficit disorder. Some of us might be the sufferers and some might be the parents of a children struggling with ADHD.

If you are coping with ADHD in your life or in the life of a family member, the worst thing you can do is try to figure it out on your own. There is a wealth of information available to you out there. For those who have been dealing with ADHD, the amount of knowledge available can be overwhelming.

I have found it helpful to have one easily understood ADHD book that covers the essentials of understanding and addressing the needs of ADHD children and adults.

The ADHD/ADD Natural Remedy Report is a complete guide to understanding how to address hyperactivity and concentration problems without having to resort to medication. .

While I am not one to say medication should always be avoided, you will find in this guide, the information you need to begin reducing the symptoms of ADD and ADHD today. Dr. Scott Saunders, MD has provided information that is remarkably effective at reducing behavior that is associated with ADHD without using medication.

Parenting Skills

Because ADHD children often exhibit behavior that is difficult to deal with, effective parenting skills are critically important.

Read our review of the Total Transformation Program to learn about what many parents have found to be one of the most beneficial tools they have available to them in raising healthy and balanced ADHD children.

Reader Reviews

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Things You Should Know

Properly formulated herbal and homeopathic treatments help with anxiety, concentration and hyperactivity. Read our Herbs for ADHD page to learn more.

    3 Requirements for Reducing ADHD Symptoms Without Medication

      Diet-High protein, few processed carbs
      Sleep-Consistent 10-12 hours/night
      Structure-Sleep, schoolwork, consistent discipline