Games for ADHD Children
Activities to Reduce Hyperactivity

games for adhd kids

Finding the best games for ADHD children can help reduce hyperactivity and unfocused behavior. On the other hand, the wrong games can create chaos and conflict in the family.

Children of all ages and races love to play. There is no end to the many games that they want to play! However, when it comes to an ADHD child, it's the choice of games that makes the difference.

Because the ADHD child is hyperactive, many board games like scrabble and Monopoly won't interest him. Instead, these children need to run, to jump to shout. Actually they need to burn that excessive energy somehow.

Games for ADHD children are more outdoor based, with a higher energy level required. Certain fun activities might not work out for the ADHD child that proved excellent for other children.

• The ADHD child requires outdoor games that keep him active. Many Children with ADHD don't enjoy games like baseball because there is too much standing around and waiting involved. They prefer climbing trees, running, jumping, hide and seek etc.

• Don't let your child sit in front of TV or play video games. Brain scans have shown that screen time makes ADHD worse. Put a limit of 1 hour on these types of activities.

• Playing games outdoors has a huge positive effect on hyperactive kids. An Illinois study found that ADHD children benefit by having a view of nature outside their windows.

In one study, children who had a tree or park outside their windows at home actually got better grades than children did whose windows looked out on a parking lot. Greenery has a positive effect on all of us.

• Activities and Games for ADHD children that take place in fresh air and healthier environments are good for these children. Plan to have weekends and vacations in wilderness area rather than in amusement parks or in city.

• Games with physical training are often enjoyable to ADHD children. A good workout is an alternative choice. It increases the flow of blood to the brain and decreases nervousness and anxiety.

It also releases endorphins into the brain, providing a feeling of calmness and well being.

• Many children have problems with memory. To determine if your child has memory problems play memory games with them and compare them to their peers.

Command games make great ADHD games. Give him one command, after completing the job give him two commands simultaneously. Keep on increasing the number of commands until he fails to follow the command. This will actually improve his listening skills.

• Activities with model building, carving, woodworking, mosaics, jigsaw puzzles or that involve mechanical skills are very beneficial. Children with ADHD often love to figure things out and solve puzzles.

Constructing models or creating things out of wood or metal will help your child learn how to turn his ideas into concrete reality.

Successfully completing a project where he has something solid and visible to show for it can be extremely rewarding to your child.

Indoor Games for Children with ADHD

As we have stated above, physically active games are essential for ADHD children. However, it is critically important to build healthy relationships in the family and as children get older, playing indoor games is a great way to accomplish this.

The choice of games is extremely important for these children. Our children have experienced many meltdowns while playing board games that move too slow.

Parents will want to look for games that move quickly. Or better yet, play games where everyone plays at the same time. The card game "Pit" is a great example of this.

Another type of games to consider are strategy games and games that a lot of thinking. Children with ADHD are typically very smart and will thrive when having to figure things out.

The most effective way to treat ADHD symptoms is to address the whole person. The right type of games and activities is only one aspect of this.

Many parents have found that vitamin and herbal treatments for ADHD are very effective. When combined with good physical activities, they can provide profound improvement in behavior as well as improving concentration. focus formula from Native Remedies is a product we have used in our home to help reduce hyperactive behavior and improve concentration.

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