Treating ADHD Naturally

Many parents are searching for a natural treatment for ADHD in an attempt to avoid medications that may carry side effects. Stimulants, which are commonly used to treat ADHD, work against the body while treating ADHD naturally results in a healthier body.

ADHD Symptoms

Common symptoms for both ADHD and ADD include learning problems, inability to focus on tasks and a short attention span, as well as poor judgment and organizational skills. Fortunately, it isn't always necessary to resort to medications in order to treat these symptoms.

While the cause of ADHD is not fully understood, many believe it is a nervous system issue. It could be a simple error in which the brain cannot connect to certain nerves. These nerves handle external stimulus and when this connection is not functioning correctly, it can affect many areas, including the learning centers and lack of coordination.

Natural Treatment for ADHD

Diet is often of vital importance when it comes to treating this disorder in a natural way. The best treatment will improve nervous system to brain connections, as well as the physical needs of the person. Diet, exercise, and even sleep habits can all affect those suffering from ADHD.

When it comes to diet, the first thing to look at is whether or not the person is allergic to anything. In some cases, just eliminating the offending food from your diet can see dramatic improvements. Nearly 90% of children with ADD are allergic to some type of food.

While children may not be allergic to sugar, this sweetener can negatively affect brain coordination. Many families have found that when sugar is reduced or even eliminated from the diet, their child is better able to handle distractions and can focus better in school.

Genes also play a large part in whether or not a child will be hyperactive, so having a parent or other relative with ADD or ADHD can indicate a higher risk for the child. This would appear to be the main cause of these disorders, though natural treatments can go far in relieving symptoms. Herbal Treatments

The standard treatment for ADHD is medication, usually stimulants and/or antidepressants. These have a large number of side effects, however, and can become ineffective over time.

A number of herbs can be used to treat attention issues, usually in conjunction with a healthy diet. If the child is not getting the right nutrition in his or her meals, the brain can be affected. Treating ADHD naturally should start with nutrition and may require vitamin supplements, as well as reducing sugar intake.

Children with ADD and ADHD tend not to handle sugar well and can become aggressive and hostile when exposed to it, particularly in large amounts. Artificial flavors and preservatives such as those found in soft drinks can have a detrimental effect on behavior, as well.

Keep in mind that it is possible for ADHD to be misdiagnosed as SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, as the symptoms are very similar. SAD is almost always found in those living in the north, where there are minimal daylight hours during the winter. It is easily treated with light therapy, unlike ADHD.

Often Overlooked Natural ADHD Treatments

For some reason, many parents overlook vitamins for ADHD to help treat concentration and behavioral issues. I find this surprising since balanced nutrition is so essential for healthy brain development.

Children who take quality vitamins supplements feel better and focus better. This improves many areas of a child's life including behavioral, academic and relationships.

There are two other areas most parents fail to consider when looking for an effective way to address their child's behavioral and academic struggles. The first is parenting skills. The interaction we have with our children is often the most powerful tool we can use.

We at recommend a program called "the Total Transformation" to learn the changes we can make that quickly turn around ADHD behavior. Many families have found that the parenting skills that are taught in this program eliminate the chaos that is often associated with ADHD.

I encourage you to visit the Total Transformation to see what this program has done for other families and to learn the steps you can take to greatly improve attitudes and relationships in your family.

The natural treatment for ADHD using homeopathic supplements is also easily overlooked. This type of vitamin and mineral treatment has been shown to help improve behavior and performance in school. They work by helping relax the hyperactive child while improving brain activity.

If you have a student who struggles with hyperactivity and concentration issues, you will want to consider this type of natural treatment. Many children have benefited greatly by using supplements from Native Remedies which have been designed to improve ADHD symptoms.

Treating ADHD naturally should not be limited to just one method. Behavior adjustments, diet, and vitamins are all great choices and can be used together to help children curb their ADHD tendencies. Homeopathetic supplements can also help improve behavior and calm a hyper child while promoting better brain activity.

In addition to these ideas, read our ways to improve the symptoms of ADD and ADHD page to learn more about addressing adhd without having to resort to medication.

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