How ADD Affects a Family

Understanding the Family Impact of ADHD and ADD

ADD can have a huge impact on all family relationships. See how you can prepare for it and best manage the impact it has on your family.

The affect ADHD has on the family can be huge. It can pull down mother, father and other siblings emotionally. If time drags on without treatment, problems, both emotional and physical may appear and worsen making the disorder more difficult to handle.

How ADHD Affects Moods

Often, the first victim is the person suffering from ADD because children often feel trapped by something they seem to have no control over. Therefore, it is important to communicate with your child and see whether the impulsive behavior he sometimes exhibits stems from attention deficit disorder or is just acting out behavior.

More often than not, making some changes in the child's diet can greatly reduce ADHD symptoms, reducing the impact ADD has on the family. Our page on ADHD diet has some great information on the most effective changes you can make in the way your child eats.

Not only should there be healthy communication between parents, but teachers also need to be involved. To improve the affect ADD has on a family, there should be planned collaboration between  parents and teachers at school. Teachers often observe behaviors that are not seen at home.

Family Systems and ADHD

The next level of people that are affected by ADD are the child's parents . If they see the child behave erratically then they often begin to worry and fear that they haven't done enough for the education of the child.

They may be looked down upon by the other members of the extended family or by the acquaintances as if the child's ADHD behavior was a result of the fact that the child didn't receive proper education or discipline. ADHD impacts the family as conflicts arise when the parents will begin to believe it is indeed their fault. This will put considerable strain between the two partners in the marriage and also between the parents and their child.

When ADD and ADHD affect the family in this way, parenting skills often suffer as stress increases between parents. At this point it is critical that parents come together and are in agreement about the best discipline for their child.

Parenting ADHD Children

We have found that it is extremely helpful to use the expertise of those who have worked with ADHD children and have found out what works to bring healthy relationships back into the family. The Total Transformation Program is one of, if not the best guide on how to change the negative interactions within a family into a positive experience.

It teaches parents how to relate to difficult children in a way that brings about changed attitudes and a sense of belonging to children. At the same time the Total Transformation material will present discipline techniques that work for children with ADHD.

The result will be major changes in behavior in a short amount of time. You can learn more at the Total Transformation Website. You will learn techniques that can eliminate the chaos and disruptions in your home. The only problem I have found with this program is that it needs to be applied consistently to be effective.

Siblings and ADHD

Even though it may not be apparent at first glance, the siblings, that is the brothers and sisters of the child suffering from ADD come next. Since they are all obviously affected by the tension and frustration in the family, they may begin to develop anxiety. While the ADD child is the one demanding all the attention, it seems that his or her siblings end up getting the short end of the stick.

This often leads to the siblings developing negative or resentful attitudes toward their parents as well as their brother or sister. This may produce increased levels of impulsive reactions and aggressive behavior. This type of ADHD family impact can create major problems. Later on, they will be seen as coming from the same social environment as their bother or sister suffering from ADD.

In the end, the effects of the disorder of a child will be seen in later levels at aunts, grandparents, cousins, uncles and the other close relative of the child. If the family is tightly knit and close between each other, then all the extended family will show signs of anxiety and frustrations.

Because ADD affects the family so deeply, attention needs to be given to all the kinds of inter family relationships making sure that they don't suffer as a result of the existence of the disorder.

Understanding how ADHD impacts a family is critical for developing healthy bonds between all family members. Many families have also found that herbal formulas designed specifically to help with hyperactivity and anxiety greatly reduce the affects of ADHD on the family. Visit our ADHD natural treatment page.

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