How to Deal with ADHD in Your Family

Learning how to deal with ADHD is essential if you hope to be able to help a child with this disorder. Coping with ADHD is not easy, but with the proper knowledge and understanding you can reap great rewards.

ADHD can be extremely frustrating, as I am sure you realize. But I am here to tell you that, when dealing with an ADHD child, there are some things you can do to make it much easier.

An ADHD child can be an extremely demanding child. If you have other children who are not hyperactive, you understand that these children are different from most children.

Parents and teachers are both concerned about ADHD children, because these are the children that demand the most attention.

At home and at school, an ADHD child creates a chaotic environment. There are certain things that are helpful in dealing with ADHD children effectively.

A few common and effective tips about how to deal with ADHD are as follows:

1. Right Choice of Food:

Coping with ADHD can be greatly eased with the right choice of food. Avoid giving him sugary foods, fried foods, junk food, carbonated drinks, juices, dairy products and processed foods. Many of these foods are the source of food allergies for these children. Instead give him lots of water, fresh meat, organic foods and raw vegetables and fruits. A high quality multi-vitamin is also important. Read more on ADHD diet therapy here.

2. Look into Natural Treatments:

There are many natural treatments for ADHD that are effective without the side effects of medication. Herbal and homeopathic formulas that are designed to improve focus while reducing anxiety and hyperactivity are very effective.

focus formula is a product that many families dealing with ADHD children have found helpful.

3. Provide frequent opportunities for him to burn off energy:

Dealing with an ADHD child is much easier if the child is getting consistent exercise. Encourage him to have extra physical activities. Let him play energetic sports for hours, let him burn up that energy. A tired body will help him sleep better, without interrupted sleep patterns. Running, jumping and exercising will give him opportunity to release his excess energy.

4. Let Him Choose His Activities:

When dealing with an ADHD child, imposing things on him will only make life more difficult for you and the child. While it is important for the child to understand that the parent is in control, being reasonable and letting the child make more of his own decisions will help. While teaching a child with ADHD, opt for his choice of methods whenever it is appropriate.

If having poor handwriting, messiness and sloppiness is an issue, then give him an option for alternative methods. Some of these methods for student response might be allowing your student to use a voice recorder, present oral reports, etc. Providing a laptop computer after writing skills are developed will also help. Often using a pencil with a rubber grip is beneficial.

Teach organizational skills. Be sure the student has daily, weekly and/or monthly assignment sheets. Include a list of materials needed daily and require consistent format for papers.

Have a consistent way for students to turn in and receive back papers; reduce distractions. Assist the student to keep materials in a specific place (e.g. pencils and pens in pouch)

For activities, ask for the child's preferences. Ask him to choose between different types of physical exercise. Let him choose groups of his choice for physical activities.

5. Don't Abuse, Scold, OR Accuse Him:

When dealing with the ADHD child, confront him only when necessary. ADHD children are very sensitive and will often overreact. They compare themselves to other children and this may lead to emotional struggles including depression.

In such case, scolding him, accusing him, verbally abusing him or confronting his lies will only make things worse. Try counseling and discussing rather than blaming him for things he did.

As you learn how to deal with ADHD in your child and family, these guidelines will greatly improve the situation. Some of them are counterintuitive, but will provide positive results if followed consistently. This will make coping with ADHD and ADD much easier as you look for long term solutions to what is typically a very difficult situation.

Learning to Deal With ADHD Children

Let's face it. Dealing with children with ADHD can be overwhelming. Often times the ADHD child is also very angry. What causes this anger? We as parents often second guess ourselves in discipline techniques, relationship building in the home, and setting boundaries.

We have found it helpful to have help from a third party to learn to make the right decisions. This can be done through a support group, studying books on parenting ADHD children, or from a more in depth program.

A program that has been the extremely effective for many families who are dealing with an ADHD child is the Total Transformation Program. This straight forward program will help you as the parent understand what you are doing that is effective.

It also shows how parents often do things that make behavior and attitudes worse. With the Total Transformation, you will learn how to strengthen relationships within the home, discipline effectively and learn the best ways to communicate to break down walls, rather than build more walls.

Go to the Total Transformation Website for a thorough discussion of this parenting guide and to learn the changes that can take place in your family in a very short amount of time.

Many families have found that by using the techniques taught in this program, they have experienced a very quick turn around in the behavior as well as attitudes exhibited by their children.

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