Discipline ADHD Child Guide

Understanding how to discipline ADHD children is essential if you, the parent, are to be in control of your home. However, disciplining an ADHD child can exacerbate the symptoms rather than help if done incorrectly.

Always keep in mind that the proper way to discipline an ADHD Child will vary from child to child. What works for one child may have no impact on the behavior of another. If what you are doing is not working, then try something new.

Your daily routine with an ADHD child can be overwhelming. The most asked question of the parents is "how to discipline an ADHD child", but the answer is neither quick nor easy. Entire books have been written on the subject of correcting ADD and ADHD behavior.

Having experience with ADHD, I have frequent contact with individuals dealing with ADHD and their family members. Parents of ADHD children are always seeking help regarding how to discipline a child with ADHD. There are many books available on this topic.

One book I frequently use is "Ritalin is not the Answer" by Dr. David B. Stein. Don't let yourself be put off by the name. No matter what your view of stimulant medication is, the parenting tools offered by Dr. Stein will quickly help improve the behavior of any child, especially those with ADHD.

When it comes to discipline, it’s actually you and the bond between you and your child that makes the difference.

Parents who are seeking help in disciplining an ADHD child always get a particular set of advice from me. Here are the basics.

Step by Step Guide to ADHD Child Discipline:

1. Don’t forget the nature of ADHD children. They are more difficult than most children, and there is nothing you can do about it!!

2. When you discipline an ADHD child, be patient. Remember he/she is just a child and doesn't even know why he creates chaos. However, you do know the difference, so if you act inappropriately then nobody can help.

3. Be consistent in the rules you develop for your child. He will take advantage of you if you don't keep your word.

4. Demonstrate new or difficult tasks, using action accompanied by short, clear, quiet explanations. Repeat the demonstration until learned, using audiovisual-sensory perceptions to reinforce the learning.

The memory traces of a hyperactive child take longer to form. Be patient and repeat yourself when necessary.

5. When you are correcting ADHD behavior, don't allow anyone to interfere. Only one person should be responsible to tell him what's good behavior and what's not.

6. ADHD child discipline must be serious. Don't laugh or smile at the silly things your child does. If you do, he will continue the behavior.

7. Do not pity, tease, be frightened by or overindulge your child. He has a condition of the nervous system that is manageable. Similarly don't beat, scold, or yell at your child.

8. When disciplining ADHD children, avoid a ceaselessly negative approach: “Stop.” “Don’t.” “No.” Obviously it is necessary to use these terms at times, but rewording your response into something positive will be much more beneficial. For instance, if your adhd child wants to do something, say maybe later, rather than just "no".

9. Give him encouraging remarks enclosing the message that you want to actually deliver. For example “Son, I really love you but I don’t like the way you spill your food while eating.

10. don't make false promises of rewards. Instead actually reward him when he does well.

11. It is important to ask for his choices, his preferences. For instance, "when will you be free for homework? Ok I'll wait for that time."

12. Tell him in a respectful way that you don't like it when people, neighbors and teachers complaint to you. "You are such a capable child, why don't you show it to the world."

Be aware that herbal supplements have been shown to take the edge of a child's response when being disciplined. Visit our ADHD natural treatment page to learn more.

We recommend a vitamin/mineral/herbal supplement called Listol. Native Remedies has created this product to include those natural ingredients that studies have shown to be most effective in addressing hyperactivity and concentration in both children and adults. Learn more about a product called focus formula on their website.

Effective ADHD Discipline

When disciplining ADHD children, it is often difficult to know what will work. What is effective for one child may only make things worse for another.

We have found that the techniques presented in the Total Transformation Program are extremely effective for ADD and ADHD children. The material is presented by a therapist with decades of experience working with difficult children.

His approach to building healthy relationships in the family makes it possible to see very quick changes in your child's behavior and attitudes. I encourage you to visit the Total Transformation website to learn how parents can take back control and eliminate the chaos in their homes.

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