Alternative Treatments For ADHD and ADD

Alternative ADHD treatments can be extremely effective. Natural treatments for adhd have been shown to improve mood, behavior and focus.

Many individuals don't like being administered medication and would like to avoid medication as much as possible. Probably, if you have ADHD or ADD, then you will be encouraged to some extent to receive medication for the disorder.

Non Traditional Treatments for ADHD

Before considering products to reduce ADHD symptoms, it is often helpful to address anxiety issues in children. Visit our ADHD and anxiety page to learn more.

Another area that is often overlooked when treating attention deficit disorder is the connection between ADHD and food allergies. For many children, removing those foods from their diet that trigger a negative reaction completely resolves hyperactivity and concentration issues.

Alternative ADHD medication has appeared in the recent years, making it possible to avoid having to receive stimulant drugs.

A child suffering from ADD or ADHD can resort to the following alternative methods, although most alternative methods have never really been clinically tested to prove their effectiveness.

Some alternative treatments that have been put into practice include the Brainwave Biofeedback training, nutraceutical supplements such as express or attend, as well as behavior modification therapy.

These therapies offer a number of advantages over medication in many situations, so that the counselors that work with patients suffering from ADD or ADHD can relate easily to the problems of the patient and be able to provide pragmatic help for them that doesn't include medication.

The Attend or Express methods are also great alternatives for patients suffering from the disorders in that even though the methods are fairly complicated, they provide real time results and efficient findings as it relates to concentration, rage, hyperactivity, listening or impulse control characterizes.

ADHD Alternative Cures

The Biofeedback training, or commonly known as Neurofeeback, is another type of alternative treatment for ADHD that can be administered to the patients. Because the technology is in constant evolution, the patients are helped to cope with their disorder. There is a lot of documentation available on this subject and the things you need to know are fairly in depth.

Additionally, you also need to consider complementary natural treatments for ADHD such as changing eating habits and formulating eating plans. Even though these changes are not required by the biofeedback alternative or Attend and Express methods, you will still need to perform these changes if you want to enjoy a full life without dealing with the consequences of ADHD.

Alternative Supplements For ADHD

Many patients have opted for nutritional supplements recently as an alternative treatment for ADHD, the most effective being minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids.

The essential fatty acids that are required under the Attend program are included in nutritional supplements and flax seed oil or borage oil. These oils can also be found in natural compounds, such as in fish or fish oil supplements.

An alternative treatment that many parents overlook is that of vitamin/herbal formulas designed to address concentration and hyperactivity issues. Native Remedies is one product that helps improve those symptoms that are so difficult for both parents and children to deal with.

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