Dealing with ADHD Children

Dealing with ADHD children requires patience and wisdom. Helping ADHD children deal with attention and hyperactivity issues can be very rewarding and frustrating at the same time.

These children have some strengths that often go unrecognized because of the difficulties they present to their parents. It is important to see these strengths and encourage the adhd child to develop them.

Children with ADHD often have fierce, competitive attitudes and are able to treat injustices instantly. Because of this, they have difficulty adhering to the traditional sense of going along with things that they can't accept as right.

They are wired differently than others so that parents and teachers try to change them with the use of medication in order to make life easier for themselves. Instead, it is helpful for the children if they are accepted as children who can change the world.

Dealing with ADHD children requires wisdom on the part of parents and caregivers. As they face obstacles in life, they are often strengthened through the difficulties they face. We, as parents should encourage this to happen, not try to make life easier for them.

Modifying ADHD Behavior with Medication

Helping ADHD children cope better using medication has not been thoroughly researched on a long term basis and may have long term consequences that we are not aware of.

Therefore, helping ADHD with medication is a solution that has unproven long term results. Since AHDH children are intelligent but they don't have the  kind of intelligence that can be easily detected in school, they sometimes feel marginalized and the marginalization they experience only worsens their sense of futility and worthlessness in the world. This is often leads to depression.

It is important that these children are given the attention and emotional support they need to fully develop into the individuals they were designed to be.

Dealing with ADHD children takes a lot of parental and teacher focus. Homeschooling the ADHD child is often the best option. This allows the parent to decide the values that are communicated to the children. It is the parent who understands their child best, not the educator.

Remember, Children with ADHD are usually gifted children who can accomplish much in life, given a nurturing environment in which to develop. However, it is often difficult to maintain this type of home atmosphere in the midst of the negative behavior that is so characteristic of ADHD children.

The anxiety and hyperactivity that characteristic of children with ADHD can often be eased with the use of natural herbal/vitamin/mineral products designed to reduce anxiety and improve the ability to focus. Native Remedies produces a product called focus formula that is specifically formulated to help ADHD children with these issues.