The Advantages of
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

The benefits of ADHD are often overlooked. However, there are many qualities of ADHD Children that are actually advantages of ADHD. As a matter of fact, many famous people with ADHD got there because of their disorder.

Learn how to bring out these strengths in your ADHD child. While we are all aware of the disadvantages and problems posed by people having ADD, it is essential that we also point out several of the advantages.

Empathy for Others

One great ADHD benefit is empathy, a quality not everyone possesses. People with ADD are able to instantly connect with others. Because they inspire this sense of closeness and intimacy, people often go to those suffering from ADD for emotional support and spiritual help rather than to others who seem to have their lives together.

Creativity in Work and Play

Creativity is also a thing that characterizes people with ADHD. While the disorder may indeed pose some disadvantages to those who struggle with it, it is worth mentioning that painters, sculptors, writers, designers, musicians and other artists often have add. They find it easier to concentrate on their work and be original and ingenious rather, so that their creativity is certainly triggered by the disorder.

Enthusiasm for Life

Enthusiasm is also a thing people who struggle with ADD share. When bored or frustrated by the work they have to do, an ADD person would go on the lookout for other interesting places or things to do. There is a lot of pleasure and satisfaction derived from the fact that they are able reach a goal.

Many individuals feel inadequate when it comes to their ability to accomplish much in life. However, people suffering from ADD love to embark on seemingly impossible quests and prove the others wrong.

Two famous people with ADD include Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison. These individuals felt driven to change the world and do what few others have accomplished in life.

Ability to Hyperfocus

Individuals with ADD often have a great ability to hyper focus on projects or the work they are involved in. This can often create difficulty and frustration for parents, but it is often extremely beneficial.

For instance, if they see something they want to achieve, he or she will set their mind on that goal and become what many of us would think of as over focused. They will often be obstinate about not letting go what he or she has attained.

Great Sense of Humor

A frequent benefit of ADHD is a great sense of humor. A good sense of humor seems innate in people suffering from ADD and ADHD. This is due to the fact that they want to keep things lighthearted.

They do not like to take life too seriously. Some famous people with ADHD who became well known comedians include Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg.

Learning from Difficulty in Life

Having the necessary strength to pass through difficult times is another of the vital ADHD benefits. ADDers are constantly challenged by life. This helps them develop the ability to spring back from a mistake or problem and prove to all that they can do it right. Obstacles often only make ADD people even more strong and competitive.

ADDers are extremely creative. when it comes to being innovative or introducing new ideas, these individuals stand out from the crowd. As children they often want to do things their own way. They learn to think outside the box.

As adults, these individuals are not as limited in their abilities to be come up with original ideas as those who were more compliant while growing up. Their abilities often exceed that of the general population.

Therefore, it is extremely beneficial to include an ADD person in whatever you are trying to accomplish. This will ensure that brainstorming and original ideas will never run dry.

A Different View of Life

There is another, last but not least of the benefits of ADHD and ADD. This relates to the fact that they view the world in a different way than the rest of us. Because of this difference in perspective, it is a rich experience to be in contact with a person dealing with ADD.

At the end of the day, it is not all about disadvantage and negative impact on things, but rather it is also about the fact that ADD people share certain advantages over the rest of us.

You can help your child improve their ability to focus and reduce negative behaviors while maintaining these positive qualities with the use of vitamin and mineral formulas designed to help with ADD and ADHD. Focus Formula is one such product many families have found helpful.

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