Treating ADHD Children Effectively
It's Your Choice

There are many treatments for ADHD children that parents will want to consider. It can often be overwhelming for parents who are concerned about their child's ability to perform well in school. Often the physician will recommend putting children on stimulant medication immediately without considering other options for reducing hyperactivity.

In reality, medication for ADHD children is only one of many choices available to parents who find themselves dealing with this disorder in their homes. The most effective treatment for ADHD will vary from child to child. Let's take a look at the some of the choices available today.

Treating ADHD with Diet

Perhaps the most universally effective treatment for ADHD is to address the foods a child takes in. It makes the most sense to begin treating hyperactivity and concentration issues by making certain changes in your child's diet. This is a treatment for ADHD that you can begin right away. You don't need a visit to the doctor and you probably have the foods you need at home.

You don't even need a special test performed by an ADHD specialist to see the changes this can make in your child's behavior. This is due to the fact that ADHD is diagnosed by observing certain behavioral characteristics in the individual. However, these characteristics can have many different causes, only one of which is ADHD.

There are many foods and food additives that have been shown to create hyperactivity and a reduced ability to focus in children. The Feingold diet is a great place to start to see if eliminating certain foods can help improve your child's ADHD symptoms.

Herbal Treatment for Children

This ADHD treatment is one that many families have benefitted from. There are many herbs that have been known for centuries to reduce anxiety and improve focus. Today, it is most effective to obtain herbal formulas that have been developed to help with the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

It is often helpful to visit a Naturopath for help with natural treatments. They may recommend herbal supplement and recommend other natural steps you can take to help your child.

Sleep and ADHD Behavior

While it is often overlooked, making sure your child gets enough sleep is a very effective treatment for ADHD. It can have a profound effect on his behavior and performance in school. Many children will exhibit irrational or out of control behavior when that have not had enough sleep. For these children, it often takes several days of getting extra sleep before the symptoms will subside

Stimulant Medication for ADHD

Without a doubt, medication such as Concerta, as a treatment option for ADHD is the most popular choice. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of doctors recommend stimulant medication without presenting any alternatives.

Are these ADHD medications effective? In the short term, the answer is a resounding, "yes" for most children. These medications provide quick and often amazing results. Many children have a very quick turnaround in their school work. However, the long term effectiveness of stimulant medication usually drops off with time.

While stimulant medication can be a helpful treatment for ADHD, because of the often severe side effects, it is best to leave this option as a last resort. Most children experience complications due to decreased appetite and interrupted sleep patterns that will need to be addressed while using stimulant medication.

Other Treatments for ADHD to Consider

Therapy for ADHD children can be helpful for many individuals. As an ADHD treatment, therapy is effective especially if the child has experienced abuse or trauma. An ADHD therapist can work to help resolve issues that may be causing the child to act out. Much of what is diagnosed as ADHD can actually be traced to acting out behavior.

Some families have found special schools for ADHD children to be life changing. These schools know how to handle children who have become out of control at home and are able to teach many social and life skills that are essential in this world.

As you can see, there are many choices when looking for ADHD treatment options for children. It is important to consult with your child's doctor when seeking an effective treatment for ADHD, but remember that the final decision is up to you as the parent.

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