ADHD Alternative Therapy

Nature's Solution to Hyperactivity

ADHD alternative therapy avoids the use of stimulant drugs. Learn the best natural treatment for adhd.

Most parents of children with Attention Deficit Disorder who are seeking the best way to address the issue, typically turn to medication for help before thinking about treating adhd naturally. This is due to the fact that this is an idea which is often supported by the doctors prescribing them (they are the experts, after all).

Despite so much ADD & ADHD information being available, many parents do not realize that many types of medication to treat hyperactivity can have serious side effects. Virtually all individuals on stimulant medication have a decreased appetite and difficulty sleeping at night, often requiring additional medication to counter these side effects.

It simply does not make sense to give a child a chemical medication that keeps them from sleeping, and then providing another chemical to help them sleep. This is exactly what is being done all across the western world every day.

For this reason, natural remedies for adhd are a much better choice for initially treating the disorder. You see, sleep and good nutrition are the very things children need most when it comes to behavioral and academic problems.

Should Your Child Be On Medication?

Parents often are not aware that there are many alternative ADHD treatments available that do not involve pumping a child full of synthetic drugs. This article will explore the risks of prematurely medicating a child, and the advantages of ADHD alternative therapy.

Although in some situations medication for ADHD is the only effective option, it is not a magic bullet and should not be prescribed automatically. Children dealing with hyperactivity and attention problems have different intensities of the illness, from mild to severe. More mild cases can be treated with behavioral therapy, or even with simple, natural remedies for ADHD.

Our family uses natural remedies for ADHD from Native Remedies to help with hyperactivity and difficulty focusing. Their website has a wealth of information related to the natural treatment of ADHD.

Advantages to Treating ADHD Naturally

Treating attention and hyperactivity problems naturally will actually improve their health by providing a child's body with what it needs for proper development. The traditional approach, on the other hand has the following problems associated with it:

Depending on the children, medication to treat adhd can have many side effects. The more mild side effects include trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, altered growth rate, weight gain, or chemical dependency (addiction) on the medication.

More serious side effects can include suicidal thoughts, dizziness, stomach pain, faster heartbeat, and (in rare cases) even heart attack, stroke, and sudden death. Perhaps most frightening of all is that ADD & ADHD information on the long-term effects of psycho-stimulant mediation on a child's developing mind are still unknown.

Simple Steps You Can Take

Before turning to medications for ADHD, try working on these three areas of ADHD alternative therapy that are proven to help.:

1. Sleep-Set up a sleep schedule and stick with it. Children need between 12 and 14 hours of sleep each night.

2. Diet-The natural treatment of ADHD must address nutritional needs. Remove foods from the diet that have been shown to create behavioral problems for many children. These may include diary products, sugar, food dye, caffeine, and many others. You may want to see a dietician regarding this. Be sure the child's diet includes many proteins and grains.

3. Exercise-Children with ADHD need frequent exercise to burn off all that energy. It will help them sleep better and improve concentration.

Proper discipline of the ADHD child is also critically important. An overreaction to their ADHD behavior creates many problems that are not an issue with most children.

A New Natural Treatment for ADHD and Learning Disorders

Our family has seen great results with a new therapy that came to the United States in the 1990s. Brain integration has been shown to reverse the symptoms of ADHD, dyslexia and other learning issues. The treatment we employed is called Brain Integration Technique and has greatly improved attitudes and reading ability. When the school year begins, we will assess the improvements in math and writing ability, both of which have been problems for our children.

Always keep in mind that there are alternatives to medication when it comes to helping your child with hyperactivity and attention issues. The best ADHD treatment will not have a negative impact on their health, but rather will enhance their health and well being. This type of ADHD alternative therapy can often be all the child needs to greatly enhance their performance and behavior in school and at home.

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