Using Supplements for ADHD to
Reduce Hyperactivity

Making supplements for ADHD a consistent part of the hyperactive child's daily routine will go a long way toward improving behavior in your home. The successful treatment of hyperactivity does not necessarily have to involve stimulant drugs.

Many families have effectively treated ADHD without medication by using ADHD supplements. These vitamins and minerals help replace what the child is not receiving in his day to day diet and can improve brain function.

How Supplements Help ADHD

There is no individual mineral or vitamin that magically turns an ADHD child into a calm, focused person. Children require a wide variety of nutrients in order to develop properly, yet the modern diet rarely provides the necessary nutrients and amino acids required. For this reason, supplements for ADHD are a good choice.

Zinc and Vitamins C, E and B6 are all vital in treating ADHD naturally, as children suffering from the disorder tend to be deficient in these. They are also more sensitive to the deficiencies, creating more hyperactivity issues.

B vitamins are particularly important ADHD supplements as they are vital in controlling the nervous system. When a child is deficient in any of the B vitamins, particularly B6 and B1, the resulting hyperactivity can be very noticeable. B2 deficiency can also cause headaches, irritability and fatigue, which can change the behavior of a child, as well.

Mineral Supplements for ADHD

Mineral and vitamins go hand in hand, so it makes sense that minerals would be an essential part of ADHD supplements. There are several minerals to keep in mind when looking at treating hyperactivity with supplements.

Calcium: This helps control impulses in both the nervous system and the body and is important in treating ADHD.

Magnesium: This mineral develops muscles and also helps improve nerve impulses. It also bonds with calcium and works with it.

Both of these minerals will be better absorbed by the body when combined with Vitamin D.

Zinc: This mineral helps balance blood sugar levels.

Chromium: Like zinc, chromium regulates insulin and controls the levels of sugar in the body.

These two minerals work together to increase glucose tolerance, which can help hyperactive children react better to sugar.

Amino Acids in ADHD Supplements

Amino acids are also a vital part of natural ADHD treatments. Fish oil is an excellent source of GLA, EPA and Omega-3, all of which are important for brain development. Other amino acids that can help with ADHD include serotonin, acetylcholine, dopamine and norepinephrine. These are synthesized from tyrosine and/or phenylalanine.

A deficiency in any amino acid can wreak havoc on the body, including the nervous system. In fact, a deficiency in glycine or L-taurine could be the cause of epilepsy, hyperactivity or anxiety disorders.

Supplements for ADHD help provide complete nutrition which is vital in the treatment of hyperactivity in children. When a child is healthy mentally and physically, he is less likely to struggle with problems like hyperactivity.

In addition to providing supplements for ADHD, reducing sugar and food dyes, as well as other additives in foods can drastically affect behavior. Ensure that your child also has plenty of sleep and discipline along with diet changes and you should see some impressive differences in behavior, without resorting to medication.

It is my goal here to help you understand how critical balanced nutrition is when looking at treating ADHD in children. Our body needs complete nutrition in order to be healthy, both physically and mentally.

The place to begin is with a diet for ADHD that has been designed to help in the treatment of hyperactivity.

Many children have a sensitivity to dyes in the food they eat. Consider removing all additives, especially food coloring from their diet. We have more on this on our food additives and ADHD page

Before turning to medication for the treatment of hyperactivity, try these three steps. 1.) Improve your child's diet including the use of ADHD supplements. 2.) Be sure they are receiving adequate amounts of sleep. 3.) Provide fair and consistent structure. You'll be amazed at the improvement that this type of treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can provide.

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