Total Transformation Program Reviews

Nearly all parents who have used the Total Transformation Program talk about how the thing they like best is that it is a drug-free alternative to treating children with ADHD. If you’ve ever felt like you’re having to make unnecessary compromises and rewards to get your ADHD child to do something simple, or that your whole family is changing their own behavior so as not to trigger something in that child, then this program could be for you.

What Is the Total Transformation Program?

The first step in getting to know the program is understanding how it was developed and how it works on a day-to-day basis. The program was created by James Lehman, a behavior therapist, in response to a rising number of parents who had extremely challenging children at home and wanted a drug free approach to dealing with behavior problems. The most common of those behaviors were:

•    ADHD
•    Disruptive
•    Defiance
•    Aggressive
•    Argumentative

Lehman believes that the root cause for many of these behaviors is a reaction to the massive feeling of frustration that many children experience by not being able to learn as quickly as their peers and not being able to maintain relationships as a result. The program uses a variety of natural language processing tools to help you engage your child, building his self esteem and teaching the whole family how to solve problems together.

The Format

The next part of the review of the Total Transformation Program is a brief overview of the actual program. The pack comes with a workbook and audio CD with 7 lessons to work through together, with a recommendation for one lesson a week, all aimed at examining and improving your parenting style. The format is usually a pre-test in the workbook to see what level you’re working at, listening and following instructions on the CD and a final test in the workbook to see what you’ve learned.

Understanding the Behaviors

The first few lessons help parents understand the reasons for their child’s behavior, and to examine how they respond to these highly stressful situations. It then moves on to discuss effective and ineffective parenting techniques. Many parents who have written their own Total Transformation Program reviews talk about how shocked they were to find that they were parenting ineffectively.

Effective Tools

The second half of the program starts to provide the tools necessary to fix the current problems, from setting clear and consistent rules for all family members to being able to identify faulty thinking and how to help your child self-correct. The last two sessions focus on setting the scene so that problems are nipped in the bud before they explode. They look at trigger management, which is what makes a kid lash out and how to avoid them, as well as discussing consequences for positive and negative behaviors before they happen.

Total Transformation Program Pros

Parents who write Total Transformation Program reviews online talk about how effective the program was in helping them take on the challenge.

Encouragement - It can be emotionally draining living and dealing with an ADHD child for all parties, but the program seems to give parents a lift and to tell them that they’re not doing a bad job, but gives them the tools to do a better job.

The other reason why people like the program is that it gives them a sense of control over their own destiny.

Empowerment - You could take your child to a family therapy session where the therapist will help you through a set of similar stages, but you’ll get the feeling that the therapist is the one in charge. With the independent study nature of the program, parents feel like they have the power to make the changes  

The Cons

Reading the Total Transformation Program reviews pages online reveal two main criticisms of the program. The first is the time scale that it operates on.

Too slow - Many parents who have read a Total Transformation Program review will be at the end of their tether and looking for an immediate fix, as you would get with medication. The program lasts seven weeks if followed correctly, which for some parents will be too long. While the program provides tools that begin to produce immediate change, there are many aspects of this program that require time.

This program is designed to produce lasting change, which in effect works to change the entire family dynamic in many ways.

The other major criticism of the program is the opposite side to one of the pros. Many parents find the idea of independent study as a way of dealing with an extremely challenging child a bit difficult and may not feel comfortable tackling the problems themselves.

Effective Lifeline

There is no doubt that the program is effective if used correctly, as it contains the product of many different theories on successful parenting. These can seem a little bit like common sense for some parents, but for those caring for a child with ADHD, the program can seem like a lifeline.

Many parents have found the program to show them how to disengage and begin to rebuild their relationship with their child in healthy ways. This in turn produces an atmosphere in the home that builds up the child in many ways.

Count the Cost

Total Transformation Program sells for a bit over $300, which means the program can feel expensive for what you receive that you can see. However, when you look at the unseen benefits, you might need to reconsider.

The decision is whether you believe $300 to be worth peace in your house and a better relationship between you and your child. It is less than one tenth the cost that many families have spent on therapy to reach the same goals

I encourage you to visit the Total Transformation website to learn more about these effective techniques that many families have put to use to regain control and sanity in their home.

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