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This page gives reviews of the alternative ADHD therapies that our visitors have tried. ADHD Child provides this information as a service to our visitors and recommends that you discuss any treatment or therapy that you are considering with your child's doctor or specialist.

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Visitor Reviews

Name of therapy: Therapeutic Listening

How long did you use this therapy:12 weeks of OT

My daughter has been diagnosed with ADD for over two years and has been taking stimulant medications, An occupational therapist friend told me about therapeutic listening and to ask my doctor. I did and had a referral for an evaluation for her. She was fine on everything except auditory processing. Therapeutic listening consists of listening to modified CDs for 30 min twice a day with high grade headphones (with 3+ hours between) for 12 weeks and exchanging CDs every two weeks.

My daughter could be doing anything but sleeping or "screen time" while she was listening. It helped improve her grades a great deal as reflected on her report card after the first 8 weeks of the program. The premise is that the high grade headphones relay more frequencies that create new neural pathways and these help improve concentration and attention.
This review submitted by: Deanna

Parenting Skills

Because ADHD children often exhibit behavior that is difficult to deal with, effective parenting skills are critically important.

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Reader Reviews

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Things You Should Know

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    3 Requirements for Reducing ADHD Symptoms Without Medication

      Diet-High protein, few processed carbs
      Sleep-Consistent 10-12 hours/night
      Structure-Sleep, schoolwork, consistent discipline