Diagnosing ADD

When diagnosing ADD, the observations made by both parents and teachers will come in handy for the physician to make an accurate diagnosis of what is happening to the child.

How Is ADD Diagnosed

Rating the behavioral scales, comparing behaviors between each other will provide the way to form an educated decision. Rating scales may seem subjective, but the intuition of the physician must have been triggered by something and thus it would work as a valid measure.

After coming up with a valid diagnosis, the physician then needs to contact the parents and inquire if any noticeable observations have been made so far. Parents need to be attentive to what the child is doing, as well as the coaches and baby sitters around him. They will most likely be asked to complete a rating scale of the child's behavior, indicating how often the manifestations occur and in what form.

Then, the child is assessed by the physician to measure certain rates and characteristics.

Comparing the results together, the specialist needs to point out the information that stands out from the lot and see if there is a certain pattern that can be observed. Also, the areas in which problems, if any, occur need to be highlighted and interpreted in a careful manner.

Diagnosing ADD requires examining the results of the child in playing traditional games, doing math problems, writing assignments at school and see if there is anything that stands out. Also, behavior in situations that are not officially recorded, such as free play, need to be evaluated and therefore the physician will be able to come with an informed decision and be able to evaluate whether the child suffers or not from ADHD.

A profile needs to be made of the child so that the specialist can use the experience in further cases. How does ADHD manifest itself in the case of this child? Mildly/ Strongly? Does it impede the child from performing well in school? Which situations are affected by ADHD? 

Also, you need to discover when the problems initially started and what the initial symptoms that triggered the condition were. You need to think whether the child also experiences other problems related to the disorder and whether these problems affect in any way school activities, participation inside the community, the friendships and home life of the child. If the child is hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive at times, then this means he may be indeed suffering from ADHD.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Diagnosing ADHD

Diagnosing ADD or ADHD correctly will help eliminate confusion from the discussion and thus, from then on, the child can be diagnosed correctly and receive the proper treatment for his condition.

Therefore, he can then receive the proper treatment and be able to improve his condition. The child together with the family can then receive the proper therapy and advice to cope and work together and thus, the burden of the child suffering from ADHD will be split in more parts and will be easier.

Understanding how is ADD diagnosed is a beginning point for finding the ADD treatment for your child.

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Parenting Skills

Because ADHD children often exhibit behavior that is difficult to deal with, effective parenting skills are critically important.

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Things You Should Know

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    3 Requirements for Reducing ADHD Symptoms Without Medication

      Diet-High protein, few processed carbs
      Sleep-Consistent 10-12 hours/night
      Structure-Sleep, schoolwork, consistent discipline