Iron Deficiency and ADHD
What is the Connection

The connection between iron deficiency and ADHD should be considered if you have a child with attention deficit disorder. Studies have shown that a lack of certain minerals, including iron can produce hyperactivity.

As a matter of fact, even if there are minor deficiencies in the iron intake, the immune system will be affected. This in turn affects physical performance and how one feels. Bear in mind that iron intake is important to improve neurological conditions, including the ADHD and other learning disabilities.

ADHD - Proper Nutrition

Iron is an important constituent that influences catecholamine production. This means that iron is important in the functioning of the neurotransmitters across various areas of the brain. Therefore, it is also helpful in regulating its activity, by associating deficiency of iron with more serious psychological problems.

An ADD child might feel that the lack of iron intake has an effect on his or her behavior and other characteristics. Therefore, this is an important area of ADHD studies.

A study conducted in Israel asked for the assistance of fourteen boys who were treated on a short term with iron. Each boy had a daily intake of iron for a month. Parents and teachers were asked to monitor any possible changes and report them to the upper levels. The parents reported improvement in the child behavior at home; however the teachers reported no changes.

Case Study Of Children With ADHD

Another study was conducted on thirty three children, who had defiance in iron. They were administered an iron supplement on a daily basis. After that, the children exhibited lower levels of energy and thus the researchers concluded that shortage of iron in the blood may represent the cause for hyperactivity but hyperactivity did not entirely rely on the fact that there were low levels of iron in the blood of the child.

A third study was carried out to research what iron supplementation brought new in the behavior issues of teenagers who attended high school. After a treatment of two months, researchers pointed out that the girls involved in the experiment performed better on experiments testing verbal learning and things related to memory.

Regarding any other supplemental evidence, it is difficult to estimate what else happens because research in the field lacks quantity and observations. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind than when treating a hyperactive child, iron deficiency might represent the cause of his or her problems. Therefore, it is best to see whether the levels of iron inside the body are at normal quantities. If they don't and the blood analysis shows a different observation, then this may mean that the body needs a larger intake of iron.

As you can see, anemia and adhd are related. However, when supplementing a child's diet with iron, do so with caution as too much iron also creates problems.

While the connection between an iron deficiency and ADHD is important, there are many more effective things you can do to improve ADHD symptoms in children. Many individuals have found herbal and vitamin treatments help reduce anxiety and hyperactivity while improving the ability to concentrate. Focus Formula from Native Remedies is a product we have used in our home to help bring things under control.

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